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Welcome to my website. My name is Emma Forsberg and I am an artist with a day job, hence the name. By day I work in print production for ARC Document Solutions in Midtown Anchorage. If you are in need of copies, maps, banners or other printed things, stop by and let me help you.

By night I create mixed media arts and crafts for sale or as gifts and fundraising prizes. I do many giveaways of my fan art from various popular themes. Here you will find out what I'm currently working on, things for sale, or random interests I like to read about or re-post. Categories include: bead embroidery, bead weaving, crochet, print and web graphics, web pages, and t-shirts.

Have a project you need help on or a custom order inquiry? Email me.


Latest Finished Project

black and yellow glass wall mirror

Beadwork Portfolio

Beadwork portfolio of Emma Forsberg

This is an online Flickr photo album collection of past works I have done. Most of them art bead embroidery projects. Some of them are random media such as yarn, vinyl or furs.

Art For Sale

Contact me to make an offer - I usually do free shipping unless it's a large mirror that needs to go a long ways away or something to a foreign country (the post office is expensive!) I don't have prices on any of these because I'm willing to negotiate if you are on a budget - especially if you are a poor artist like me! Trades and bartering are welcome. Email or Send a SMS message or dm me through one of the many places I hang out online at (Twitter, Ello, Flickr...etc)


What is Ello? Ello is a social site for artists and art lovers to share visual arts. Here's a link to my Ello page.

Deviant Art

I love this place! Deviant Art has all sorts of goodies - anime art, photomanipulation art, written pieces, handmades, costumes, computer art and more - Here's my deviant art page. I'm just handing out tokens - still not sure what llamas are for but they're cute...


You can add me on Discord (eforsberg#8818) or send me an invite to your server.

My Cafepress Page

Cafepress t-shirts by echoforsberg

I design t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, hoodies, shower curtains, mugs, glasses, thermos, jewelry, calendars, journals, pillowcases, duvets, posters, cards, and more on my Cafepress page at:

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