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Graphic and Web Design Services Company
Copywriting for Organic SEO and Online Lead Generation
Social Media Campaign Image, Text, and Hashtag Packages
Graphic Design and Illustration for Screenprinting and Embroidery
Moonlighter Media brand hosted by owner @echoforsberg

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Featuring local Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska scenery, events, plants, wildlife - Botanical Angiosperm families - Marine, Coastal, Fishing - More Random including CA, UT, NV and AZ parks and attractions - Bead Embroidery and Arts & Crafts Portfolio - Dogs and Birds as well as random zoo, farm, and wild animals

Bead Embroidery Portfolio

A collection of photo albums that show previous works of bead embroidery. From small pins to large wall mirrors.

emma forsberg bead embroidery portfolio

My Winter 2020-21 Virtual ADN Anchorage Xmas Holiday Bazaar Table

Hail Santa!

moonlightermedia on big This year, the Anchorage Daily News will be promoting a virtual craft bazaar for this holiday season. To visit the bazaar go to: To go directly to my virtual booth,

Alaska Crafts Market - 2020 Winter Holiday BazaarTo visit this year's virtual craft bazaar directory:

moonlighter media poster sample - ravens

WEB MANAGEMENT PROJECTS: - gemstone jewelry for sale - Rental properties for sale in Anchorage, Alaska 99508 - assisted living properties for sale in Alaska - Alaskan living and real estate and home ownership resources

My Ello Art Community Profile

What is Ello? Ello is a social media website where artisits and makers share their latest works as well as providing collaboration opportunities to other artists.

Inupiaq Dictionary (1970)


I will be publishing a resource list of dictionaries like this, and articles about building new names and words using various languages. If you are from more than one tribe and are adding new words and names to places, you will have a place to post and share your words.

Moonlighter Media Virtual Front Lobby

all work and no play jack

My Discord is #8818 and the invite code for my lobby is: What is Discord? Discord is an instant messaging program used by gamers,digital artists, and others. I usually leave my Discord on when I am not checking my email windows.

I use this messaging service to act as my virtual front lobby for those that don't want to send e-mails or text messages. I prefer email or instant message over phone texts since I am super slow at text messaging.

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